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Accessibility Services

At Abil, we recognize that every company views accessibility in a different way. Depending on a company’s goals and size, we propose a roadmap to make your digital platforms work for any person, on any device.

If you want, we can send you a two-pager that outlines how we can help your specific company. Simply fill out this form and you’ll hear from us right away!

How We Do It

Check compliance levels based on government policies. Inspect the customer experiences using a variety of assistive technologies. Rectify issues so that the digital platform is usable by all users, on all devices.

Identify employee’s role and capacity. Build awareness and empathy towards diverse users. Introduce assistive technologies and train employees with tools to build accessible experiences.

Provide tools and access to space with assistive technology. Facilitate sessions with employees and diverse users. Problem solve and iterate with diverse users through a product’s development. 

Check the quality of interaction of the website. Run tests with diverse users and assistive technologies on different platforms. Identify issues and resolve them at regular intervals.

Foresee budget implications of accessibility laws. Establish accessibility strategy. Integrate accessibility in the development process. Write policies regarding hiring and workplace standards. Build an accessibility lab.

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We want to build Canada’s most diverse digital consultancy. Our goal is to have a team that embodies the full range of human diversity with respect to ability, language, culture, gender and age.

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